Sega Rally Revo

You can race rally cars with this fun title from 2007

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    Racing games

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    Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows XP

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    7.5 (144)

SEGA Rally Revo has allowed SEGA to once again return to its arcade roots. This exciting, well-balanced racing game will have players coming back time and time again for nonstop off-roading action.

For the last decade, SEGA did not release a single racing title in North America. In fact, only handfuls of releases have been made through Dreamcast by the popular game developer SEGA in the last few years. As SEGA's prominence faded, many gamers began to focus on the arcade-style games that made SEGA so popular -- and could find almost nothing to play. Even with stiff competition across multiple platforms and developers, SEGA Rally Revo stands up as a very solid game for those that are ready to get behind the wheel on mud, dirt, grass, snow, and more with SEGA’s reentry into this genre.

Gaming enthusiasts might find themselves frustrated with this game as it varies only slightly throughout each series of races. This can be considered both a blessing and a curse though, as it immediately pulls driving and racing fans into the game with some of the most exciting off-road tracks that are currently available today. However, the overall tactics and strategy does not change much as users continue playing. What really sets this game apart from all other titles is the textured, detailed terrain, which is eye-catching and affects the physics of every single race.

Going through any of the multiplayer or single-player racing lineups, users will drive through muddy jungle tracks, over ice-capped mountains, and through wet turf and sandy beaches. While many racing games do have some minor deformations wherever the vehicles come into contact with their surroundings, this game has taken it to the next level. During each match, huge tracks and lines are made through the racetrack as vehicles pass over it, and the damage is compounded with each lap and vehicle. When combined with the attractive scenery in the background and the ever-changing layers of mud on the vehicles, SEGA Rally Revo stands in a class of its own in terms of visual interest and detail.

Arcade-style racing games have always come and gone with varying amounts of success, and those that do enjoy this genre in particular often find themselves waiting for years between great titles. SEGA Rally Revo has come in at a perfect time to be one of the top options for racing fans with a slew of great features, even if the final outcome of both online and offline gameplay will only have a limited appeal for most users.


  • Beautiful terrain both on and off the track
  • Scenery impacts a user's driving style and tactics to a high degree
  • Wide variety of licensed vehicles and track types


  • AI drivers are rigidly orthodox and difficult to push from driving lanes
  • Outside view makes handling the vehicle extremely difficult
  • Relatively low frame rate

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